Know the Right Fees for Your SEO Services

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If you are a new business owner who happens to know the importance of and the things that SEO services can do for your business, it is well and good. Perhaps you are already thinking about knowing the right fees to pay. Nearly all business owners today face the dilemma of knowing how much should they pay for their SEO needs, how much is enough? The real question should be how much are you willing to spend on your SEO needs?

SEO is an investment that can last a lifetime if you will be able to get a good provider, that’s why it is important to make necessary research or investigation reading a target SEO provider before hiring that company.

The Usual SEO Costs:

Different providers, services being offered, and other pertinent things affect the pricing but should not go beyond or fall short of the price ranges that will be discussed in the succeeding sections.

Monthly retainers usually Printcharge $750 to $5,000 each month depending on the size of your business, scope of the project, and extent of the services that the provider should be able to perform. There are businesses that need full-service SEO all the time to make sure that their business will be able to get the right amount of exposure, traffic, and conversion. Successful businesses treat their SEO payments as a life-long investment that can bring them more profits.

Businesses that are still within testing the waters stage may find fix priced contract deals more to their liking. If you are such business owner, then you may be delightful to know that SEO copy writing usually charges $.15 to $.50 per word, link profile and site content audit have the same price range of $500 to $700, and set up for social media usually goes from $500 to 3,000.

Project based price is variable because everything depends on the things that you want to have or do for your site. You can remove the things that you think won’t benefit you a lot if you want to cut down the cost of your SEO expenses. Most projects have price range between $1,000 and $30,000. Thirty thousand may seem a lot of money but not with big businesses that can gain nothing but pure benefits if they spend such amount of money for their SEO services. If you are a fresh business owner, going to the big league immediately is simply foolish. Start at the right pace and you will be able to experience the glorious wonders of spending such amount for your SEO services.

Hourly consulting rate is between $100 and $300 per hour. You can ask everything you need to know regarding the things that can help your site and your business flourish.

Be Suspicious if the Provider Promises Impossible Things:

Sadly, there are SEO providers that have unethical business practices and you should at least be able to safeguard yourself from the clutches of these unscrupulous groups.

It is impossible to take the number one spot overnight or even in a few days, unless the provider intends to do unethical business practices to achieve their goal. Immediately leave the provider who promises impossible things like number one spot on the search list in a matter of days.

Promise of instant results can hurt you in the long run because that provider will certainly involve practices that are against the webmaster guidelines. You will only be facing penalties if found (and Google will definitely find the violations).

Some unscrupulous providers lure their clients with cheap prices. If a particular offer does not fall within the price range of the payment model, you better think again. Remember that you are looking for the best provider that can help your site within reasonable prices and not something cheap that may prove to be worthless in the end.

SEO services can bring a lot of benefits and advantages to your business. You already know the right fees to pay and all you need to do is stalk the web (for reviews and comments regarding a SEO provider), ask recommendations, and interview past clients to choose the almost perfect provider for your cause.

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SEO Sins to Avoid

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Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for nearly two decades now. The increased reliance on SEO strategies to increase website performance is definitely old news. Regardless, there are still plenty of people out there who do not have the slightest idea what this activity is all about.

SEO is the process where techniques are used in order to improve a website’s visibility on a search engine results page’s (SERP) ranking system. Having a high rank on a SERP is a goal for most websites since it usually spells prosperity for them.

As a marketing strategy, SEO Sinsthe main focus of an SEO campaign is to understand how search engines operate and using that understanding to the website’s benefit. The websites can be optimized through a large variety of ways. Some techniques involve using keywords, coding, promoting the website to intensify the number of inbound links or backlinks and so much more. These are legitimate forms of SEO tactics and are referred to as white hat SEO techniques.

There is another side to this sort of tactic. The other category of SEO practices is known as black hat SEO techniques. These techniques should be avoided at all costs as it can lead a website or the SEO company that employs it to banishment from a search engine, such as Google or Bing, which typically spells death for a website.

Below are some of the black hat SEO sins that are common to unscrupulous SEO practitioners.

Adding unrelated keywords:

SEO works by using certain keywords to increase its visibility on SERPs. These work by conducting a research on the keywords used by the search engine users themselves. What some black hat SEO users do is to add keywords that are irrelevant to the main topic of their content in order to increase its number of hits.

For example, an article on window washers adds the name of a popular figure or celebrity. Each time the name of the figure or celebrity is searched on the internet the website on window washers gets a hit. When someone looks for articles on window washers, the one fluffed with irrelevant keywords gets a better ranking because it was hit more often compared to the other websites that did not use the celebrity’s name.

Avoid this dirty tactic as it only fosters enmity in internet users. The website drew the attention of the user, but instead of building trust it instead created mistrust.

Cloaking web content:

This is the practice where the webmaster has two different contents for a website. One part is tailored specifically for the search engine and the other is made specifically for the human audience.

Cloaking web content is like typing down a few keywords in a search engine, then clicking a simply relevant website only to find out once it loads that it is actually a porn site. It is these sorts of tactics that keep parents awake and worried at night. Their kids might find bad things without them meaning to.

Stuffing the content with a lot of keywords:

This black hat SEO technique is somewhat similar to using irrelevant keywords in that it has something to do with the amount of keywords in the content.

Using wrong keywords is one thing, while stuffing a website with a lot of them is another. Stuffing a copious amount of keywords into the content to increase web visibility is one of the most used and abused black hat SEO techniques. The exorbitant amount of keywords helps make sure that the webpage will be highly relevant to a user’s search.

Never ever use these tactics:

A website should strive to avoid these sort of tactics. These are the sort of dirty and cheap tricks that will most likely get a website banned from a search engine. The lack of support from search engine operators like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! deals a massive blow to any website’s chances of success.