The principle that makes the misting system so effective in cooling large areas quickly is the process called flash evaporation. This cools down the area. The misting system can cool down the temperature up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

It does not work by getting you and the things around you wet. The primary purpose of water misting system is to have the mist evaporate in the air as quickly as possible. The air in the atmosphere is cooled down by the process known as flash evaporation.

Within five to ten minutes, you can expect to feel the effect of the misting system. Those present in the area with misting system will feel relief right away. There are several types of misters available in the market.

Patio Misting System

A patio mister has made it easier to enjoy the summer outdoors, even during the hottest days. There are various ways of doing it – from patio umbrella misting systems, to the free standing misters that can be installed around the backyard. The tiny mist cools outdoor temperature up to twenty degrees Fahrenheit. It is easy to use, simply connect the garden hose to the hose adapter and turn on the water.

The patio misting system can be easily installed within the area of your covered lanai or porch. The 3 factors to consider when choosing a patio misting system is the amount of water pressure used, the number of misters and the size of the nozzle opening.

Outdoor Misting Fans

Humidity does determine the efficiency of the misting system. First, the misting system humidifies the air – so outdoor misting fans are especially efficient during hot, dry climates like in Arizona. Does this imply that if you live in a humid area such as Georgia these misting fans are not helpful?

Many people living in humid places like Georgia and Florida do use misters. However, you may consider a misting fan if you are in an area with high humidity. This is because of what is known as relative humidity. Generally, it means that the lower the relative humidity, the more water can be evaporated, and the more heat can be eliminated, and the better a mister will work.

However, if the relative humidity is above 80%, you can experience the cooling effect and lowers the temperature by combining the misting systems with fans. A misting fan offers conductive cooling – it cools down the water to produce an ice-cooled mist. If you add some ice in the water source, the misting fan can generate a cooler temperature.

Water Misting System

If you are searching for the cheapest way to cool down there are some less expensive and portable water misters. These water misters are less costly – below $15 so you can purchase some of them and installed them near your patio table and near your lounge chair. But, these less costly models do not produce the very fine mist of a more costly misting system, so if you stand near one of the misting system you will get wet.

Personal Mister

This type of misting system is less costly and portable to keep you or your guests cool and comfy. There are several types of less costly styles to choose from. There are lots of people who carry a mister with them by the pool to keep them cool while reading a book or magazine.

These types of misters are available online. To make it easier for you to choose the right misting system, you need to determine first your purpose of buying it.